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The Albatross Brewing Co. is a microbrewery based in Mordialloc Victoria. We brew small batch beers with the aim to bring great tasting beer. We source the finest quality ingredients and accept no compromises. We craft each batch by measuring and lifting the malt, hops and yeast with our own hands and combining them with pure Victorian water. The result is a lineage of beers with flavours and aromas that are authentically Australian. Cheers!


Our team consists of Steve (The Big Kahuna), Krista (PR & Accounts), Ashleigh (Sales Manager), Paul (Geek Speak / Beer Ambassador), and Neil (Design Champ).

Our Beer.
Currently we have four great craft beers we have created. Click here to find out where you can taste our beer on tap.


Check out the Black Knight Porter review by Pozman TV Australia

Click here to order Black Knight Porter

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