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We stand for courage, determination and pride.
This is why we support young veterans.

Community Support

After being in law enforcement for over a decade, ‘The Big Kahuna’ began to see mental health was a huge issue especially after the experiences of friends, family and colleagues who had served time with Special Forces, Police, Ambulance and Fireys. ‘The Big Kahuna made it his goal to create craft beers that could highlight this issue and help in some way so people could gain proper help and support.

Our current Community support range consists of:

Veterans Two Up Pale Ale
Espresso Ale (Coffee Stout)
Guns and Hoses Pale Ale

How do we utilise the funds?

When we sell these beers, a percentage of all sales go into a special fund. When we get enough funds we contact a specific Health Retreat in Queensland. We carefully choose a person who needs support and we pay for them to stay at the Retreat where they gain access to the right specialist help to get them get back on track. We help one person at a time and one day we hope we can help more.