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Simple, Pure, Craft Beer.

Our Story

Stephen Laughlin has always been interested inthe world of craft beer and enjoying the amazing range of tastes and styles available. In the back of his mind he was always looking for an opportunity to one day create his own craft brewery. When the opportunity arrived he jumped at thechance. From scribbles on a notepad in September 2015 the Albatross Brewery was born.

The brewery will soon be operating from the suitably named address at 39 De Havilland Road, Mordialloc.

Our Name

The Albatross ‘D’ Series biplane which, through it‘s use of materials and advanced design (over six versions were created in a very short time), was the first ever streamlined aircraft. The fastest aircraft of its time, it is now considered an icon of the period.These principles also apply to Albatross Brewery’s way of working, reflecting ourpassion to always seek out the right combination of ingredients and create handcrafted beers that are both unique, authentic and memorable.

Our mantra is – we believe in always sing quality materials and advanced techniques – ensuring we stay ahead of the game and always be Mordialloc’s favourite beer.